Before the assembly elections, the BRS MLAs have started a significant outreach programme to forge stronger ties with the people of telangana in an effort to solidify their position and widen their electoral base. The BRS leaders are spending more time and effort learning about the needs and ambitions of their people because they have a strong focus on engaging the grassroots.

The MLAs spend the most of their time in their constituencies working to improve contacts with mandal and village-level leaders of the BRS through "Atmeeya Sammelans," as instructed by the party leader and chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao.

K Chandrashekar Rao, the chief minister, underlined the value of having a relationship with the populace constantly. The BRS MLAs are making every effort to develop open channels of communication because they understand that resolving voter concerns successfully is the key to electoral success.

Spending more time with the constituents they represent is one of the major projects the BRS MLAs have undertaken. Through "Atmeeya Sammelans, Basti/Palle Nidra, and door-to-door visits," they have been actively taking part in regional events, visiting villages, and hosting public meetings to communicate with constituents. These contacts give the MLAs a chance to hear the complaints, ideas, and opinions of the populace, allowing them to create policies and initiatives that reflect their ambitions.

"The chief minister, who is aware of the reality on the ground, previously predicted that the BRS will win more than 100 seats in the 2018 assembly elections. He had, however, also urged a few underachieving lawmakers to clean up their act and do the outstanding job by the deadline. He said that unless they are willing to follow orders, he will not hesitate to set them aside because the people and the party came first. For some MLAs, it is "Do or Die," therefore the majority of them are occupied resolving issues of the public, according to a BRS general secretary.

Additionally, the BRS MLAs have been exploiting technology to close the communication gap with the public. MLAs frequently share updates, respond to concerns, and solicit public opinion on social media sites, which have developed into crucial instruments for direct interaction. This wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital strategy has made it easier for citizens to get in touch with their representatives and has promoted responsive and transparent governance.

In order to better understand the difficulties experienced by individuals and families, MLAs have been physically visiting homes as part of extensive door-to-door campaigns. The BRS MLAs want to establish a relationship of trust and rapport with the constituents they represent in order to effectively communicate their issues to the party leadership.

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