On tuesday night, the police surrounded Kalapather and began a search there. Under the direction of DCP (South) P Sai Chaitanya, roughly 200 police officers carried out the operation and inspected 250 homes. A few vehicles without or with altered licence plates were seized by the police, who also filed charges against the owners. The police issued a warning to the neighborhood's rowdy sheeters to refrain from engaging in any criminal conduct.

He urged the populace to alert the police to any antisocial activity occurring in their neighbourhood. 40 further automobiles were seized by the police after their owners were unable to provide the registration papers. On friday night in Kalapather, a nine-month-old infant boy drowned in a water sump of a home.

Abu Baker, the victim, reportedly resided with his parents in Mecca Colony within the boundaries of Kalapather police station. He was playing on friday night when he slipped into the premises' water sump. When the child's family recognised he was missing, they searched for him and discovered his body in the sump. Inspector S Sudharshan of Kalapather claimed, "There was an iron cover for the sump but for some reasons his mother had not put it."

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