A preliminary investigation has revealed that the accident occurred due to a mistake in the signal being given and then withdrawn by the Coromandel Express train.

288 people died and 747 people were injured in an accident where Yeswantpur - Howrah Express train, Shalimar - chennai Coromandel Express train and a freight train collided with each other at around 7 pm yesterday evening. In this case, a team of railway officials conducted a preliminary investigation into the cause of the accident. In it, it is stated that the signal was first given to the Coromandel Express train and then withdrawn, which led to the accident.

"After the signal was given, the Coromandel Express derailed on the connecting track and collided with the goods vehicle. The coaches of the derailed train fell on the main track. The Yeshwantpur - Howrah Express train on that track collided with the coaches on the main track," preliminary investigation revealed. .

The reason why the signal was given and then withdrawn was not clearly mentioned in the report. Investigation revealed that 21 coaches of the Coromandel Express train, which entered the connecting track, derailed and some overturned. As of today (June 3) evening, 288 people have been killed and 747 injured, 56 of whom are seriously injured, indian Railways said.

Prime minister Narendra Modi held a review meeting in delhi this morning after the odisha train accident. In this, home minister amit shah and others participated. In this meeting, the recovery and relief work and the rehabilitation work to be undertaken next were discussed.

Following this, prime minister Narendra Modi, who left delhi and arrived in odisha, arrived at Bahana Bazar railway station area by military helicopter. Union Railway minister Ashwini Vaishnav, Union education minister dharmendra pradhan and others who were present there took the prime minister to the accident site. The Ministers briefed prime minister Narendra Modi on the cause of the accident, the damage and the steps taken next.

Following this, prime minister Narendra Modi personally visited the hospital where the bodies of those who died in the accident are kept and where the injured are receiving treatment. He consoled the relatives of the deceased. In addition, he personally met the injured and inquired about the treatment being provided to them and the assistance required.

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