Ramadas has warned that PMK can no longer be a wild parrot in the matter of reservation of seats for Vanniyars. Pamaka can no longer be a wild parrot in the matter of reservation for Vanniyars. Ramadas, the founder of Bamaka, said that wherever I go, Vanniya youths look at me and listen to me. In his statement, he said: "Today is the 36th anniversary of the 21 Aegis who were killed in firing and attack by the police during the protest held under my leadership for the reservation of a separate place for Vanniyars in tamil Nadu, and the Social Justice Day announced by the tamil Nadu government is being observed today. But it is disappointing that the prospects for social justice for the Vanniyars do not even appear to be as bright as a firefly; This is not acceptable in any way.

Today is the most important day in the history of social justice struggle of Vanniyars. We started a one-week road blockade protest 36 years ago in 1987, 36 years ago in 1987, demanding social justice for the Vanniyars, who were neglected in education and employment since 1980. We sacrificed 21 of our own people due to the repressions such as shooting and assault unleashed by the police who could not bear the protest. Subsequently, the then chief minister Karunanidhi, who united 108 castes including the Vanniyars and established a new category called Most backward classes in 1989, gave 20% reservation to that category. It was because Vanniyars did not get enough representation in the seat reservation bought at the sacrifice of 21 lives that we once again waged a social justice struggle and won 10.50% internal reservation for Vanniyars in the previous regime led by chief minister Edappadi Palanichami. Even though the madras high court has ruled that the seat reservation is invalid, the supreme court has ruled on march 31 last year that there is no bar to provide seat reservation after gathering relevant data. It is disappointing that even after a year and a half, no progress has been made.

If the government of tamilnadu had thought of it, it could have collected the relevant data within 3 months from the day of the supreme Court's judgment, enacted a law and provided internal seat reservation in the last academic year itself. But, 9 months late, on november 17, the Backward Persons Commission was revised. Two months later, on january 12, 2023, the government of tamil Nadu issued an order to the Commission for Backward Persons to recommend additional terms of reference to the government regarding the provision of 10.50% internal reservation for the Vanniyars in the 20% reservation for the most backward classes. Accordingly, we were hoping to get the recommendation for allotment by april 11. But, while the commission did not undertake any work for allotment of Vanniyar seats, then the tamil Nadu government extended the deadline for another 6 months. That is a great social injustice.

Only 24 days are left for the second deadline given to the tamil Nadu Commission for Backward Persons to make recommendations on reservation of vanniyar seats. However, it does not seem that any constructive steps have been taken so far. tamil Nadu government could collect all the data in a month and pass the Vanniyar reservation act. But, when it has been a year and a half since the supreme Court's judgment and it has been almost 9 months since the order for reservation of seats, nothing has happened, does the government not want to give reservation to the Vanniyars? There is a doubt that the government wants to pass the time by saying the word of wish to provide reservation. While the deadline given to the tamil Nadu Commission for Backward Persons to give recommendations on the reservation of Vanniyar seats was extended, the P.M.A. Strongly protested. In this regard, B.M.K. Speaking to the committee, the government said, "6 months is the maximum period. It is likely that the work will be completed within a month and the allotment will be given," they said. Some ministers also expressed the same opinion.

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