The ruling party supported M. urging immediate transfer of district Collector Vallavan who is working against the legislators. L. A, Kalyanasundaram and independent mla Angalan both participated in the dharna and there was a stir.
The second part of the fourth session of the puducherry 15th Legislative assembly was announced today. All arrangements were made for this and all the ministers and legislators visited the assembly at 9 o'clock in the morning. Kalyana Sundaram, a legislator belonging to the ruling party-backed bjp from Kalapattu constituency, and Angalan, an independent mla from Tiruppuvana constituency, who came to the assembly, are sitting on the steps of the assembly and are engaged in dharna protest.
According to Kalyana Sundaram, a bjp legislator supporting the ruling party, even though the government has been in existence for three years, not a single person has been given a free land plot in any constituency. There are a lot of fishermen in Kalapattu constituency. Fishermen are suffering severely due to sea erosion. In the name of tourism development, there is a danger that there will be no east Coast Road. district Collector Vallavan, who looks after the responsibilities of Revenue Department, Excise Department, local government Department, district Administration, and Disaster Management Department, does not focus on people's issues.
Various corruptions have taken place in the field where Vallavan is responsible. This time only the officers have been arrested. But there is no action against the secretary of the department, Vallavan, who is responsible for all that. The district Collector left his job and sat in the chief minister's room, deceiving him and making it his job to knock Jalra. Being an alliance party, the mistakes of the government can never be tolerated. We are not the only ones with this problem. All legislators in puducherry have this problem. So far not a single person has been given a free mana patta. Also, corruption has taken place in all the departments under which district Collector Vallavan is responsible. So he insisted that he should be transferred immediately.

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