Many routes were already dangerous for kids because of stray dog attacks, but the increasing number of monkeys in important residential areas increased the risk. Meanwhile, bat infestation is making city people afraid of the Nipah virus. The accidents have sparked worries about public safety and a stalemate with local government officials over the removal of particular trees.

Residents of Vikasnagar Colony, where dilsukhnagar Public school is located, are growing more concerned about the monkey threat. The primates have been seen in huge groups, frequently causing confusion and alarm among the school's inhabitants and students. Given that monkeys attack when provoked or teased, parents are especially concerned for the safety of their children.

Parent ramya Reddy remarked, "Handling these animals has turned into a daily ordeal. My kids are afraid to play outside, and we've had a few incidents when they've broken into the apartments and made a mess. We are concerned for our safety, and the authorities must act quickly.

A family of bats that has set up residence in the Ashoka trees on the cpi party office site is causing inhabitants of Himayatnagar's street number 8 to experience a different type of issue. The prevalence of bats has sparked worries about the Nipah virus' ability to infect humans, a fatal disease that can be spread from bats to people.

"We have a constant fear of the Nipah virus, just as we did when we first noticed it in 2020, just before the Covid-19 outbreak. Our health is being threatened by the bats, especially the kids who play in the surrounding playground and school. When we asked the municipal officials for assistance, they responded that they could not remove the trees because they were on private land, a local named Ramachander Rao told india Herald.

Rao added that another significant worry is the presence of bat droppings close to their homes.

Although it hasn't been established that bats or bat bites pose a hazard to people, according to Chelmala Srinivasulu, an expert on bats and researcher at Osmania University, it's best to avoid them. "Be careful not to eat half-eaten fruits or other food if you have a balcony or terrace garden and bats are there. Keep your surroundings clean even though their excretions haven't yet been shown to be harmful, he advised.

The same Ashoka trees have also started to house bees, adding to the homeowners' problems and heightening their threat of getting stung.

The situation is critical, a parent named Abishek Vastu said. Once before, the bees caused mayhem and alarmed the watchman's family and students. It's regrettable that we are unable to guarantee the protection of our kids because of administrative barriers.

Now, they are pleading with the local government and wildlife specialists for quick action to solve these urgent worries and guarantee the security of their kids and the neighborhood.

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