Assembly elections are going to be held in madhya pradesh later this year. A period of political infighting

continues regarding the elections in the state. In this sequence, senior congress leader Digvijay Singh had

alleged on wednesday that the Shivraj government of madhya pradesh is misusing government funds for

election agenda. On this statement of Digvijay Singh, cm Shivraj Singh Chouhan retorted and said that

Digvijay is saying where did so much money come from? So let me tell you that god is very happy when good

and righteous people run the government.

Before this, Digvijay Singh said in a post on his account on wednesday that the officials of the Finance

Department of madhya pradesh need to be cautious in view of the economic situation of the state. In order to

fulfill BJP’s election agenda, top officials of the Finance Department are manipulating the figures and causing

further damage to the already shaky financial condition of the state. He wrote that the Finance Department has

banned 137 schemes.

Digvijay Singh made allegations of misuse of government funds

The former chief minister alleged that by unannouncedly withholding the budget for other important schemes,

the government is transferring money to the BJP’s election agenda. In this way, top officials of the Finance

Department are creating huge liabilities for the future by postponing many important expenses in the present.

He also claimed that he has received information that senior officers are pressurizing their subordinates to

write the desired note sheets. Digvijay Singh said that the actual debt of the state is much more than what is

being shown. Funds of various departments are being used for the election agenda of the government.

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