No State, according to industries minister KT Rama Rao, can equal telangana in terms of favourable policies or infrastructure being expanded for quick industrialization and job creation. The Union government was forced to claim that telangana ranks first in Ease of Doing business despite the disagreement with the State administration. Karakapatla's Phase III facility was fully occupied, and officials emphasised the need to expand Genome Valley by 250 acres. The minister noted that Genome Valley was Asia's largest Biotech cluster in addition to acquiring 132 acres.

On Thursday, the minister officially broke ground at Genome Valley in this city for a new injectable facility of Bharat Serum Vaccines that will cost $200 million to build. He explained that the goal was to make sure that gifted young people had more equal access to opportunities. The minister recalled his four-day-old encounter with Lucas, a promoter of a Spanish company, and said he had questioned Lucas about the company's potential investment in telangana in light of the cost arbitrage.

The man said that while it was only 20–25 less expensive than Spain, it would take roughly a year to find the perfect talent, whereas in india it only takes two months. The minister claimed that firms were attracted to india by the country's wealth of skill. India's population was viewed as problematic in the 1980s. Today, however, India's most valuable asset and strength was its talented youth. It was crucial to direct the youth's energies in the proper directions. telangana has the highest per capita income in the nation at Rs. 3.17 lakh, up from Rs. 1.14 lakh in 2014. The minister stated that this is what needs to take place in India.

Rama Rao stated that telangana had been concentrating on quickly approving businesses, attracting investors, and using the money earned to carry out various welfare and development activities. The minister stated that women's health was given top attention by the State government and that every Tuesday, women were treated for various health conditions at all medical institutions as part of the Arogya Mahila project. "The telangana government will be pleased to collaborate with Bharat Serum to address the problem of RH negativity in women and establish a new standard for other States. Rama Rao added, "Even if 10 to 15 lives are saved yearly, it should be laudable achievement.

The life sciences ecosystem in telangana was expected to grow from an estimated $80 billion to $250 billion by 2030. According to him, this will lead to an increase in employment and the emergence of hyderabad as a centre for complex production in the life sciences.

The minister claimed that building wealth, creating jobs, and using the money to carry out various welfare and development projects represented the largest challenges facing US President Joe Biden, prime minister Narendra Modi, and chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao. It can be very difficult to win over a business and secure their investments in this cutthroat society. The State administration needs to keep in touch with the investors and talk to them about a variety of topics, such as the current conditions in telangana and other States, he said.

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