Crime Branch of delhi Police has arrested two sharp shooters, whose names are Deepanshu alias Monu and

Moinuddin alias Salman. Both the miscreants belong to salman Tyagi gang. salman Tyagi, Kala Jathedi, Naresh

Sethi and gangster Lawrence Bishnoi are associated with the gang. Both the miscreants had fired at the shops of

traders at two different places in Rajouri Garden area on the night of 19th and fled from the spot.

Ransom call came from inside the jail

According to Crime Branch Special CP ravindra Yadav, before the firing, a ransom call was made to both the

businessmen from inside the jail through virtual call. A demand was made from both the businessmen to pay a

ransom of Rs 50 lakh each. Due to non-payment of money, firing was done at both their shops. To solve this

case, the Crime Branch scanned dozens of CCTV cameras installed around the incident spot. After this, two

miscreants were identified and both were arrested along with two pistols. Dipanshu alias Monu's father and

salman Tyagi are mutual friends, through this Dipanshu used to visit salman in jail along with his friend.

The order was received from inside the jail

During interrogation, both of them told that they often used to go to jail to meet salman Tyagi. salman Tyagi

included these two boys in his gang and gave them the first contract. Through a call from inside the jail itself, he

was given information about where to get weapons, where to get bullets and from which area the scooter had to

be stolen. After which both these miscreants committed the crime on the instructions of salman Tyagi.

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