Reportedly PM Modi thanked the Members of parliament for passing the Women's Reservation Bill. The 128th Constitution Amendment Bill, 2023, which provides 33 percent reservation for women in the lok sabha and state legislatures, was tabled in the Lok Sabha. The bill was tabled in the lok sabha by Union Law minister Arjunram Meghwal. The bill has been named as Nari shakti Vandan Atiniyam. According to the bill, the system of providing 33 percent reservation for women will come into effect only after implementation of population census and constituency re-delimitation.

The debate on this bill was held in the lok sabha yesterday. Ultimately, 454 members supported the bill. 2 objected. The Women's Reservation Bill was passed in the lok sabha with the support of the majority of members. Currently, the debate on this bill is going on in the Rajya Sabha. It is expected that this bill will be successfully passed there as well. Earlier, speaking in the parliament lok sabha today, prime minister Modi thanked all the political parties for supporting the 128th Constitution Amendment Bill, 2023 in the lok sabha and participating in meaningful discussions.

When the session started today, the prime minister spoke in the house and referred to yesterday as the 'golden era of India's parliamentary visit'. He praised the members of all parties and their leaders for this achievement. prime minister Modi said yesterday's decision and the decision to be taken in the rajya sabha will change the mindset of women's power and the confidence it generates will become a great force to take the country to new heights. Similarly, as the debate on the Women's Reservation Bill is going on in the rajya sabha, in a historic move, Vice President and rajya sabha Chairman jagdeep Thankar has constituted a committee of women vice-presidents in the Rajya Sabha. The group has 13 women members including PD Usha, amitabh Bachchan's wife Jaya Bachchan, DMK MP, kanimozhi NVN Somu.

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