Around 4000 saints will be invited during the pran Pratistha program of Lord Ramlala in the

sanctum sanctorum of ram mandir in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. Sadhus and saints will be invited in

this program by adjusting the worship method and all the Guru traditions. However, all of them will

see Ramlala only after the departure of prime minister Narendra Modi. Along with this, their safety

rules and regulations will also have to be followed.

Sadhus and saints cannot go to the program carrying any symbol with them. Not only this, Shri

ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust has made it clear that elderly and old sages and saints

should not come to the pran Pratishtha program. Along with this, celebrities who have earned name

in different fields will also be invited. This will also include those people whose family members

sacrificed their lives in the ram mandir movement.

Guest list is being prepared

Along with this, ram mandir Trust also made it clear that the list being prepared is of the people

entering the 70 acres of ram Janmabhoomi complex on the day of pran Pratistha, the remaining

people will remain outside. Most of the people came after the pran Pratistha programme. On the

day of pran Pratishtha, organize such a program in your nearby temples and places, as is happening

in Ayodhya.

ram mandir Trust has made it clear that the people invited on the day of pran Pratistha will have to

reach before the arrival of the PM. He will be able to worship Ramlala only after the PM leaves.

During this time, there will be security for the PM, hence the invited saints will not be able to take

with them insignia like Chavar, Chhatra, Charan Paduka. Along with this, ram mandir Trust has

requested the elderly and aged saints and sages not to come for the pran Pratishtha program and if

they have to come then they should come in february 2024, only then they can be honoured.

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