A former google employee has written extensively on social media about losing his job after six years of service. It is going viral. Major tech companies such as Meta, google, twitter (now X), microsoft and amazon laid off thousands of employees earlier this year. This has led to the tech job market becoming more competitive and volatile. Many families around the world are affected by such decisions. Because layoffs don't really affect just one person. During such turbulent times, many employees shared their experiences on social media platforms. Recently, it was reported that technical layoffs would end as companies stopped the practice of issuing pink slips to employees on a large scale. Google's parent company Alphabet recently announced that it is laying off hundreds of employees from its recruiting team. It's a reminder that layoffs are far from over in the tech world. Again, many employees share their side of the story on LinkedIn.

When a woman who had worked at google for six years learned she was being asked to leave, the first thing she did was walk away with her baby. Writing about her layoff, the woman wrote, “Last week, I was affected by the google layoffs, recruiting hundreds of my brilliant colleagues and friends. After the layoff announcement, my husband, I, and our one-year-old son, Dove, took a walk around the neighborhood. The woman said she started thinking about the time she joined google in 2017. He is skeptical of his abilities, leadership and worth. However, working at google changed her.

"After six years, I'm amazed at how much google has changed me. I joined as a contractor. Then I became a full-time employee. I became an associate lead. And I was promoted to a president. I've managed and had the privilege of managing and developing incredible people. If I told you that six years ago I would be doing all this in my dream company, I would not have believed it. Confidence, my self worth. For that, I'm grateful," he wrote. google announced its decision to lay off 12,000 people in january of this year, before recently shedding people from its recruiting team.

A few months later, google laid off people from its Waze mapping apps division as it began integrating the app into google Maps products. chris Phillips, head of Google's jio division, informed employees of the layoff decision in an email.

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