Graduating students in independent institutions now have an extra reason to frequently attend classes. Colleges are rewarding students who attend every class on time with an extra 10 points in an effort to increase attendance. To be eligible for semester exams in autonomous colleges, students must maintain a minimum attendance rate of 75%. The new programme awards students with 10 extra internal marks for perfect attendance.

Students got 30% of their points for internal evaluations and 70% for extracurricular activities under the former grading scheme. However, the new approach gives class attendance a 10% weight in the final grade. Higher attendance rates among graduating students are anticipated as a result of this move. This choice was made because colleges and universities are becoming more concerned about non-attendance. students will receive 10 marks for attendance, 20 for in-class assessments, 10 for assignments, and 10 for seminars and group discussions.

The application of this policy will start right now, and students who maintain perfect attendance will earn bonus points. The minimum attendance requirement of 75% for semester exams will be maintained as a result of this action, which is a part of a larger initiative to increase student attendance. With these safeguards in place, it is expected that more degree candidates would prioritise attending courses in order to improve their academic performance and get higher grades.

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