The BRS administration was rudely shocked when governor Tamiliasai Soundararajan rejected two MLC nominations under the governor's quota, notwithstanding their recent display of amity with chief minister K. Chandrashekar Rao. The governor recently accepted chief minister K. Chandrashekar Rao's offer and went to the Secretariat's opening ceremonies for a temple, mosque, and church. There were expectations that the two had put their issues behind them when the cm gave the governor a tour of the Secretariat. The rtc merger measure had also been approved by the governor.

It appears like things are getting a facelift again with the most recent development. Ministers vemula prashanth reddy and allola indrakaran reddy reacted angrily, attacking the Governor. Dr. Soundararajan no longer has the moral authority to hold onto his constitutional position, according to Prashanth Reddy. The governor was ordered to quit, he insisted.

He accused her of turning raj bhavan into a "political hub" and questioned why she nominated Dr. sravan and Satyanarayana, members of the MBC (most backward classes) and Scheduled Castes communities, respectively, for governor when she was also the state bjp president of tamil Nadu. He said that the governor had disrespected MBCs and SCs by rejecting their candidature.

According to indrakaran reddy, the Governor's choice was contrary to the principles of federalism. He said that the governor was intentionally causing problems for the state administration and acting outside of what the Constitution requires. "This is not the way a governor has ever operated before. Using raj bhavan to plan political assassinations and engage in political witch hunts is improper, he added. indrakaran reddy claimed that the BJP-led federal government was abusing its position as governor to agitate state governments run by parties other than the BJP.

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