Nationalist congress Party (NCP) Chief sharad pawar on tuesday (26 September) hit back at Prime

Minister narendra Modi’s statement of taking a dig at the opposition in Jaipur, rajasthan regarding the

Women’s Reservation Bill. Former chief minister sharad pawar said, In the year 1993, we had given

reservation to women. maharashtra was the first state in the country to give reservation to women. Perhaps

PM narendra modi does not know this. Actually, PM Modi had claimed on monday (September 25) that

the opposition parties have supported the Women’s Reservation Bill under pressure from you (women).

What did sharad pawar say?

Former Union minister sharad pawar further said, Yesterday the prime minister of the country (Narendra

Modi) said that the decision on women’s reservation was taken unanimously in the Parliament. Except for

two members of Parliament, no one opposed the Women’s Reservation Bill. Our suggestion and demand was

that OBCs should also be given a chance during the constitutional amendment.

Mentioned the army

Sharad Pawar said that during the then congress government, after the 73rd constitutional amendment, 33

percent quota was provided for women in local bodies. When I was Defense minister, 11 percent reservation

was given to women in the Army, Navy and air Force. He said that it is unfortunate that PM Modi was not

given proper information in this regard. For this reason he gave such statements against Congress.

What did you say about Canada?

The dispute continues between india and canada over the murder of Khalistan supporter Hardeep Singh

Nijjar. Meanwhile, sharad pawar said that being an indian citizen and a member of Parliament, I fully

support the foreign policy of the government of India.

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