KT Rama Rao (KTR), working president of the BRS and minister, stated on tuesday that the arrest of tdp leader and former chief minister N chandrababu naidu was only an andhra pradesh issue and had nothing to do with Telangana. To make it clear that telangana should not be used as a stage for political issues in andhra pradesh, he advised Naidu supporters not to worry the people of telangana by conducting demonstrations in hyderabad or anywhere in telangana in this respect.

"What is going on with chandrababu naidu is largely an Andhra Pradesh-specific political problem. The conflict between the two major parties in andhra pradesh has no bearing on telangana or its citizens. Our position is straightforward: What occurs in Karnataka, tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh, or andhra pradesh has no bearing on this situation, he added.

The minister claimed that the YSRCP and tdp were not represented in telangana when he refused permission for political demonstrations and protests against Naidu's detention to take place in Hyderabad. Through a close connection, tdp leader nara lokesh got in touch with him to ask for permission to stage a rally in Hyderabad. However, proposal was graciously rejected since it would result in a conflict that might disturb the city's peace and quiet.

My close buddies include YS Jagan, nara lokesh, and even Pawan Kalyan. But when it comes to the people, we are unable to make concessions," he remarked. Rama Rao discredited prime minister Narendra Modi's much-hyped "One Nation-One Election" initiative as another political gimmick designed to distract the population from important concerns. Additionally, he criticised as unfair the idea of allocating seats in parliament based on population.

"Southern States cannot be punished for successfully controlling the population on the advise of the indian government and in the best interests of the country. people from South india will express their concerns across party boundaries and bring the matter to Delhi's attention. I hope that prudence will win out," he added. The BRS would collaborate with other political parties that share its views to bring up the issue with the Centre, he added.

The minister claimed that telangana was the target of vengeful actions by both the bjp and the Congress. Despite the election promises made by the opposition parties, he claimed that Telangana's citizens supported the BRS because they trusted chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, who always went above and beyond what was promised.

Regarding politicians joining other parties, Rama Rao claimed that this was a regular occurrence at election times and that more opposition party leaders were joining the BRS than were defecting. Rama Rao also referred to G Kishan Reddy, the state head of the bjp, as the nation's least qualified politician and union minister since he abandoned all of the flyover projects that the Centre government had begun during his period.

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