Teachers and parents are concerned about covering the curriculum given that the quarterly tests are scheduled to take place from october 5 to 11. Unexpected disruptions to the school academic calendars, with an estimated 12 days missed due to rain and bandhs, have teachers and parents concerned. Many schools, especially for children in classes 6 to 8, are thinking about the prospect of missing some units temporarily with plans to cover them after the holidays in order to make sure pupils are appropriately prepared for the tests.

"We recognise the pressure placed on students to perform well on tests, but given the time wasted, it's critical to choose wisely. To make sure we have enough time for revision, it could be necessary to temporarily skip one or two units, according to radhika Rao, an english and social studies teacher at a private school in the city.

Additional classes on weekends and extending regular class hours are two other tactics used by institutions. To make sure students understand key concepts, teachers are also thinking about limiting the quantity of assignments and concentrating on core subjects. "My child's education is paramount, but I also worry about the additional pressure this situation is placing on students," said Keerti N., a parent. Schools must find a balance between teaching the curriculum and lowering stress levels.

School head madhukar Johnson stated that although they would rely on question papers from the education department (for classes 6–10), they would need to come up with solutions to make up for questions on subjects that haven't been thoroughly addressed.  He remarked, "We must make sure that children have the chance to learn well, especially in the face of unanticipated disruptions.

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