The opposition has failed to develop while in power. But now they are playing with the emotions of the poor. Modi said any division based on caste is a sin. prime minister Narendra Modi on monday alleged that the opposition is trying to divide the country on the basis of caste. It is curious that this statement was made after the release of the bihar Caste survey report. Speaking at a program in madhya pradesh on the eve of elections, he said that the opposition has failed to develop when it was in power. But now they are playing with the emotions of the poor. Even earlier they had divided the country on the basis of caste. Even today they are committing the same sin. He had also committed corruption before. Now even more corrupt. He said that any division on the basis of caste is a sin. Earlier, congress leader rahul gandhi, who had spoken in madhya pradesh, had said that if we come to power, we will conduct a caste census across the country.

Conduct nationwide caste census like karnataka, Bihar: congress demand

The congress, which has said that social justice can only be achieved through a caste census, on monday urged the central government to conduct a nationwide caste census like the states of karnataka and Bihar.

Reacting to the release of the bihar Caste Census report, the congress Party has said that the Caste Census will provide assistance to provide social justice and carry out social empowerment programs. congress chief rahul gandhi has tweeted about this, according to the caste census of bihar, 84 percent of the people in the state belong to the backward class. Belonging to caste and tribe is known. Now their share can be given based on their scale. Only three of the 90 secretaries in the central government are OBCs. He is managing only 5% of India's budget. Therefore, it is very important to know about the caste numbers of the country.

The Congress-led UPA government had conducted a caste census. But the Modi government did not release it. bihar has just released its caste census report. Earlier, caste census was also conducted in Karnataka. congress General Secretary jairam ramesh said that the congress demands that caste census should be conducted in the same way across the country.

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