Voting has been done on 230 assembly seats of Madhya Pradesh. Although the main fight in the state is being

said to be between only two forces (BJP and Congress), but it is being said that Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj

Party (BSP) is trying to make itself the third option in this two-polar fight. ) This time in the assembly elections,

both bjp and congress seem to be spoiling the game on more than two dozen seats.

BSP has formed an alliance with Gondwana Gantantra party and contested this election. Gongpa has a good

influence in the tribal dominated area especially in the field of Mahakaushal. This time BAC has contested 183

seats while Gongpa has contested more than 45 seats. This time, parties like SP, AAP and JDU are also in the

electoral fray in MP. However, apart from BSP and SP, no other party has that much influence here. BSP has

always made its presence felt in the areas of Vindhya and Bundelkhand bordering UP.

BSP's vote percentage fell in the year 2018

The party has always had a presence in gwalior also. BAC has got the highest percentage of 11 and lowest of

seven percent in the state. In the mp elections of 1983 and 1998, 11 candidates of Mayawati's party became

MLAs. congress came to power both the times. Whereas in 2003, when bjp came to power in mp with 173

seats, BSP got 10 percent votes. However, only two candidates of the party were victorious. If we talk about the

2018 elections, the vote percentage of BSP had fallen.

BSP got 6.42 percent votes in the year 2018

In the year 2018, BSP could get only 6.42 percent votes in the state and it was able to win only two seats. In the

2018 elections, congress came to power by winning 114 seats. At the same time, other parties including BSP

have also tried to bet on rebels in this election. Therefore, the contest on many seats has become triangular.

These candidates are spoiling the game of bjp on some seats and congress on some seats. Mayawati’s party

candidates are contesting strongly on Vindhya, Satna, Nagaud, Chitrakoot and Raigaon seats.

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