As per report a serial hunger strike banner with the photograph of Manoj Jarange Patil was put up in Gawali Shivra area.

Manoj Jarange’s photo on this banner has been torn by some unknown person. A complaint has been lodged at

Shillegaon police station regarding mischievous tearing of this banner. The police is investigating who has

committed this mischief and there is a possibility of it heating up the political atmosphere.

What happened in the meeting?

According to a news of ABP Majha, while speaking in the meeting of OBC Elgar (OBC Sabha), Minister

Chhagan Bhujbal had given a statement regarding the removal of the reservation banner of the Maratha

community. It has been alleged in the police FIR that the banner was torn. Therefore, on the complaint of

sandeep Bhausaheb Autade, this case has been registered against an unknown person. However, with Bhujbal’s

name appearing in the FIR, his problems are likely to increase.

accused of tearing the banner

According to the complainant, the banner was torn down at around 2.30 pm on friday afternoon. Pawan Kere

informed about tearing the banner over phone. The banner of maratha warrior Manoj Jarange Patil’s serial

hunger strike has been torn down near Gawli Shivra Arch at Arapur Shivra on Nagpur-Mumbai Road. On

receiving information about this, inspection was done along with Babanrao Dubey Patil, sandeep Jalinder

Autade at around 3 pm. After this a complaint was lodged at thane Shillegaon police Station.

While guiding the OBC meeting in Jalna, Chhagan Bhujbal has criticized Manoj Jarange Patil. He made such a

statement which will create a rift between the two communities. Not only this, he gave an inflammatory

statement in a public meeting and said, Remove the banners for reservation of maratha community that have

been put up in the villages of Maharashtra. The complainant has claimed that it was only after his statement

that the banner was torn. I went. Chhagan Bhujbal is responsible for all this and has been accused of creating a

rift between the two communities by giving inflammatory speeches, disturbing communal harmony, creating

law and order problems and hurting the religious sentiments of the entire maratha community. A demand has

been made that legal action should be taken against minister Chhagan Bhujbal.

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