The results of rajasthan Assembly elections are not only a big blow for congress but it has snatched away the

legislative power of many big leaders. These include leaders of congress as well as BJP. The most surprising

thing is that many ministers of cm ashok Gehlot government have been defeated by their rivals.

Ministers Govind ram Meghwal, Bhanwar Singh Bhati, Shakuntala Rawat, Vishvendra Singh, Ramesh Chand

Meena, Shale Mohammed, Udaylal Anjana have lost the election while BD Kalla, Zahida Khan, Bhajan Lal Jatav,

Mamta Bhupesh, Parsadi Lal Meena, Sukhram Vishnoi, Ramlal Jat, Pramod Jain Bhaya is following behind. At

the same time, five out of six advisors of cm Gehlot, Sanyam Lodha, Rajkumar Sharma, Babu Lal Nagar, Danish

Abrar and former Chief Secretary Niranjan arya are also trailing.

These ministers saved the credibility of Congress

Disaster Management minister Govind ram Meghwal has lost to BJP's Vishwanath Meghwal from Khajuwala

seat. Bhanwar Singh Bhati has lost the election from Kolayat seat, Shakuntala Rawat from Bansur, Vishvendra

Singh Deeg from Kumher, Ramesh Chand meena from Sapotra, Shale Mohammad from Pokaran, and Udaylal

Anjana from Nimbahera. 25 ministers including cm Gehlot had contested the elections this time, some of whom

are on the verge of winning the elections. Among them, ashok Chandna, Shanti Dhariwal, Brajendra Ola,

Subhash Garg, murari Lal Meena, arjun singh Bamnia and Mahendra Jeet Singh Malviya are leading on their

respective seats.

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