Shipra Parikrama program will be held this week…

Madhya Pradesh chief minister Dr. Mohan Yadav started "Shipra Teerth Parikrama" many years ago. This parikrama is still going on. chief minister Mohan Yadav will come to ujjain on june 16 to participate in this. During this, chief minister Mohan Yadav will also offer a chunari to Mother Shipra. Extensive preparations are being made by the district administration and police department for this event.

State chief minister Mohan Yadav will offer a chunari to Mother Shipra along with the devotees of Shipra Teerth Parikrama at Dutt Akhara Ramghat on june 16. He will also perform the abhishek of Panchamrit. At the same time, the chief minister will take a pledge with the public representatives and the people of the state for the Jalabhishek campaign dedicated to the conservation, promotion and revival of the rivers and water structures of Madhya Pradesh.

These committees are busy in organizing the event

Apart from this, for the first time in madhya pradesh, a book based on the comprehensive information of the rivers of ujjain with satellite mapping, "Shipra Amarta Ka Aahwan", "Shipra Amrit Sambhava", "Sadanira" (Festival of Water), "Shipra Teerth Parikrama" book and "Sadanira Ambuni" audio-video CD will be released. Many departments of the madhya pradesh government have started preparing to make this event a success. This program will be organized by Shipra Teerth Parikrama Committee ujjain, madhya pradesh Science and technology Council Bhopal, madhya pradesh Tribal Folk Art and Dialect Development Academy Bhopal, Shipra ganga Dussehra festival Committee ujjain, Shri vishal Cultural and Public Welfare Committee.

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