The inauguration of the country's longest cable-stayed bridge, sudarshan Setu, was marked by prime minister Narendra Modi in Dwarka, Gujarat. Spanning 2.3 km across the Arabian Sea, this bridge links the Okha area with Bait Dwaraka, proving particularly beneficial for pilgrims visiting the Dwarkadish (Lord Krishna) temple, a revered pilgrimage site in Gujarat. Dwarka, the capital city of Lord Krishna, is approximately 30 km from the Okha port.

Prime minister Modi, after performing pooja at the Shri krishna Temple in Dwarka, offered prayers at the Dwarkadish temple in Bait Dwarka. The construction of this cable-stayed bridge incurred a total cost of Rs. 979 crore, with prime minister Modi laying the foundation stone in october 2017. The six-year construction period resulted in a four-row cable-stayed bridge boasting a 2.5-meter-wide footpath and an overall width of 27.20 meters.

The sudarshan Setu stands out with Bhagavad Gita verses and depictions of Lord krishna adorning both sides of the rope bridge. Notably, solar panels are strategically placed, generating one megawatt of solar electricity. This signature bridge is a significant addition to the nation's infrastructure.

In addition to the bridge inauguration, prime minister Modi also opened newly constructed All india Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in gujarat (Rajkot), andhra pradesh (Mangalgiri), Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh, a project costing Rs. 6,300 crores. This initiative aligns with prime minister Modi's recent endeavours in inaugurating educational institutions and cultural landmarks, emphasizing development and connectivity across the country.

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