Why did Vichitra apologize..!?  Biggboss Contestant fight..!?

After two months of bigg boss Season 7 ending, the bigg boss celebrations are over. Information has been leaked about some of the problems that took place in it... let's take a look at it in this compilation. bigg boss Season 7 hosted by Global hero Kamal Haasan ended in January. archana was selected as the title winner. Manichandra became the first runner-up and maya the second runner-up. And Dinesh and vishnu took the next place. From the very beginning, the bigg boss show, which has been plagued by controversy, has faced various criticisms. And bigg boss fans were saying that Kamal Haasan, who was the judge, acted as a second party.
Especially in the case of pradeep Antony, he was expelled without investigation. He blurted out some reason to hide his mistake. So till now, there is a fear among the fans that Kamal is not behaving as a good judge. Likewise, Kamal did not hear a single word about Nixon's shaming and commenting on Vinusha. In the end, archana won the title with the support of the people, and once again bigg boss Season 7 is one of the celebrities, the shooting of the bigg boss celebration was completed last week. Bhava Chelaturai, Yukendran, pradeep Antony, Aishu, etc. did not participate in this. Also, it is said that some of the contestants who participated again behaved in a troublesome manner. Especially when the overlaps were flying for whatever the maya gang said, Cool suresh kept muttering sternly.Also, when the host asks who you want to apologize to Visitra. She said she wanted to apologize to Dinesh without even saying what she was apologizing for. Dinesh has brushed it off as if he didn't get it. All in all, the bigg boss celebration ended with a bit of a bang.

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