Mother throws her baby girl from 4th floor..? Viral..!

The woman sitting on the balcony throws a 4-year-old deaf girl from the 4th floor in Bangalore. A woman threw her 4-year-old daughter from the fourth floor in Bengaluru. The girl died on the spot. After that, the girl climbs on the wire of the balcony and stands. The police said that she threw the girl and tried to commit suicide by jumping from the balcony. The girl was mentally unstable and hearing impaired, police said. Because of this, the woman was distraught and said that she threw the child from the floor. The girl's name is said to be sushma Bhardwaj and the girl's name is Trithi Balakrishnan.The incident took place at Advaita Ashraya Apartments in Sampanagramanagar, Central Bengaluru. The entire incident was recorded on the CCTV camera installed in the apartment. In the video, the woman who came to the balcony with the girl on her lap threw herself down after a while. Following this, she screamed for help. After that, she also tried to jump from the balcony. But some people who came there saved her.The woman is working as a dentist. Her husband Kiran balakrishna is a software engineer. police said the girl was mentally unstable and hearing impaired. Because of this, the woman is upset. At the same time, since her business is not good, she thinks that the girl child is the reason for all this, and she plots to kill the child. police said that she also thought to commit suicide.The police said that the husband has registered a case against the woman regarding this murder incident and since then the woman has been arrested on the charge of murder. police said that investigation is being conducted from all angles in the case. The woman's mental health will also be examined. Earlier, sushma once dropped her baby girl at the railway station. It is also noteworthy that Sushma's husband came to know about this and went to the station to find the child and bring her back.

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