Bengaluru: A taxi driver guesses a Woman's PERFUME!!!

Cab driver confrontations in the city's peak Bengaluru have gotten quite prevalent. Not just Bengalureans, but even users of social media, are accustomed to it these days. 'Peak Bengaluru' has now taken on the quality of an emotion, whether it's a cab driver having lunch while sitting in gridlock or locals showing their ingenuity. A similar incidence was recently recounted by 'Mrinalini Arora' on Twitter. She explained on twitter how Bengaluru cab drivers make assumptions about women's scent on friday evenings.

The incident took place after a cab driver remarked, "Madam, by the smell how much I can sense the notes here, this seems like a Gucci." Mrinalini, who was shocked by the occurrence, said that cab drivers in this city are "something else only."

People relayed similar accounts, not seeming overly startled by the situation. Was leaving just one week after the BLR airport's digiyatra services began. The queue was longer at the gate with digiyatra capability than at the others. Yes, it's obvious that this city is unique, a twitter user said. Another one commented, "One will be happy searching a cabbie in Bangalore. Forget guessing the perfume anyone's wearing."

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