After the Baleshwar train accident in Odisha, and every thing coming to light is heart-wrenching. Children who have lost their parents, parents who have lost their children, a sister crying in front of her brother's dead body, a brother who is shocked to see his sister dead, each one has a different story. Meanwhile, a love story on the newly revealed bloody tracks goes viral.

It is known that a love story has also ended in this train accident that ruined the dreams of hundreds of passengers! A bengali traveling in a Coromandel bogie caught in an accident. The scenes of the love songs written in his diary scattered and falling on the tracks have gone viral on social media. Figures of elephants and fish on one side. Peacock figures on the other side of the love poem.

The love letters appearing on the torn papers between the bloody train tracks are breaking the hearts of many young lovers. And in that poem... "When the small clouds pour rain... the petals of love from the small stories we hear" are handwritten in Bengali. " I yearn to love you every minute. 

These letters reflecting love have now gone viral on social media. But the police officers responded along with the team conducting the rescue operation on the books containing these poems. He said that these papers with love poems will be taken care of. However, so far no one has come forward claiming that these poems are his. It is not known who wrote these poems.

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