The kerala cinema Theatres Association has made a recent decision to close all movie theatres on the 7th and 8th of this month. For the next few days, the theatres will be closed and won't show any new or classic films. This choice was made in light of the early OTT release of 2018, a box office smash that is currently making its OTT debuts.

In kerala, 2018 is a huge hit that is still bringing in large sums of money. But with the movie's OTT debuts on sony Liv tonight, june 7, the box office run is now certain to be cut short. The theatres organisation is opposing the early OTT culture even though theatrical releases are already having trouble as a result of the audience's preference for OTT.

The theatres in kerala would be closed for the ensuing two days in protest of the OTT release. tollywood has pledged to take action against the early distribution of theatrical films on streaming services, but this hasn't materialised since many theatrical productions now opt for early OTT release.

Before its debut, the 2018 malayalam industry smash didn't originally garner much excitement. It went on to achieve enormous success at the movie office. But because of how strongly it spoke to viewers, it attracted astonishing numbers. Later, the movie was made available in a variety of languages, expanding its popularity. The film centres on the devastation caused by the floods in kerala in 2018. The movie shocked spectators by making its OTT debut sooner than planned. It was originally set to release on the sony LIV platform tomorrow.

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