The movie depicts the intertwined lives of a number of people living in the Kasimedu district, a close-knit neighborhood brought together by common difficulties and adversities. Suriya (Michael Thangadurai) and karthi (Afsal Hameed), two brothers who work at the neighborhood fishing harbor and enjoy fulfilling relationships with their different partners, are at the center of the narrative. 

They are orphans who have grown up being cared for by their godmother (Vadivukkarasi). While this is going on, a group of young guys engages in riskier behavior that is driven by drugs and alcohol. In a fit of drunken revelry, one of them unintentionally discharges a gun, igniting a series of events that will have a significant impact on Suriya and his loved ones.

The central theme of N4 is how powerful people oppress individuals in lower social classes and how fate, destiny, and karma ultimately surprise us. Even if there are first too many characters, lokesh Kumar succeeds in building a world that gradually conveys sobering stories as the movie goes on. Anupama Kumar, an officer of the law, and a family from Kasimedu are introduced in the first half of the film. These individuals are connected in the second half through strong writing and a compelling screenplay.

The way N4 defies genre norms and convenient clichés is among its most outstanding qualities. The conflicts are out of the ordinary, and the author consistently defies our expectations. The ending of the action surprises us when we assume there will be a significant conflict between particular characters. Additionally, lokesh makes a subtle reference to heroin addiction and how it can ruin many lives. Even the romance scenes are an integral part of the movie rather than a distinct track. Without these sequences, it would have been difficult for us to relate to Suriya and his family's loss.

The performances in the movie are all top-notch, despite a few stumbles along the way (several scenes should have been cut, and the photography occasionally appears murky and unfocused). The two brothers are superbly portrayed by Michael Thangadurai and Afsal Hameed, who give their characters a feeling of stoic fortitude and quiet dignity. anupama kumar stands out as the troubled police inspector who is having a hard time making ends meet. Character growth and acting are the highlights of the movie.

Gabriella Sellus and Vinusha Devi, the two female leads, both had excellent performances, and their characters were genuine. Our attention is kept by the impactful investigative sequences and the plot hatched by a few opportunistic police officials. But to a certain extent, the background music elevates the feelings.

Watching N4 is definitely worthwhile because it is an honest effort with strong emotions.

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