'Leo' audio launch canceled..!? True background..!?

Regarding the cancellation of the audio launch of the movie 'Leo', the famous producer Dhananjayan has posted saying that it is a good decision... What is the reason behind this? He also said. While Thalapathy Vijay starrer 'Leo' is releasing on october 19, the promotion work of this film is going on in full swing. Accordingly, the music release ceremony of the film 'Leo' was planned to be held on 30th september in chennai and the work for the same was going on at a fast pace. And while the tickets for the music launch party were ready to be sold, suddenly last night the music launch party of 'Leo' was canceled by the production company of the film, Seven Screen Studio, on its social media page, creating a stir among Vijay fans. The sudden decision by the production company was said to be due to plans to sell fake 'Leo' audio launch tickets, as well as political pressure. But the production company denied this and said, "For the music release of the movie Leo, there have been many requests for tickets. Therefore, considering the security reasons, Leo has decided to stop the audio release, and updates of the movie 'Leo' will be released frequently as per the wishes of the fans."

While there are many comments on social media about the cancellation of the music launch of the movie Leo, now the famous producer Dhananjayan has expressed his opinion through the twitter site. In it, "It was decided to allow only 6000 people for the music release of the film Leo. If a large crowd comes to this place, there will be some problems... The film crew was afraid that the crew would not get a bad name because of this, the truth has been said that the festival was canceled. He also said that the production company has made a good decision.

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