Telangana Exit polls 2023: Predicted Congress..!?

The majority of the exit polls concluded that the congress party is likely to win more seats in Telangana. Many organizations have announced that the congress party will secure more than 60 seats. Several survey organizations have said that the congress party will win the most seats in the telangana state. Exit polls announced by various survey organizations on thursday have indicated that the congress party will secure high positions.

Aura Company Exit survey Results:

BRS 41 -49
Congress 58 - 63
BJP 5-7
Others will secure 7-9 positions, the agency said. The organization explained that others will win seven to nine seats over the BJP. It said that bjp will get 5 to 7 seats. CPAC exit polls in telangana are also in favor of Congress.

Congress -65
BJP- 4
MIM said it will win 7 seats. The organization announced that the bjp will get one more seat in addition to the existing three seats.
Jan Ki Baat's survey results also said that congress will get more seats.
Congress 48-64
BRS 40-55
BJP 7-13

CNN news 18 exit polls survey favors Congress. The survey concluded that the congress party will secure a majority of the seats.

Congress 56
BRS 48
BJP 10

According to the results of the CNN exit polls survey, congress is likely to win the most seats. However, the organization announced that bjp is likely to play the role of kingmaker with 10 seats. People's Pulse organization also announced that congress has the upper hand in Telangana.
Congress 62-72
BRS 35-46
BJP 03-08
MIM 06-07
People's Pulse announced that others will grab 01-02 positions.

Race organization exit poll also said that congress will get more seats. According to the survey conducted by Race organization, the congress party is expected to win the most seats. Race Institute predicts 48 + or -3 for BRS, 62 + or -5 for congress, + or -2 for bjp, 6 + or -1 for mim, and 1 + or -2 for others.

Exit Polls, a firm of Poll Tenders and Strategies, has announced that people are likely to crown the congress party in Telangana.
65-68 to Congress
BRS 35-40
BJP 7-10
6-9 for others
The survey said that there is a possibility of getting seats.
According to exit polls by the chanakya survey Institute, the congress party will win 67 to 78 seats in Telangana.

Congress 67-78
BRS 22-31
BJP 6-9
According to the chanakya survey, mim is likely to win 6-7 seats. Meanwhile, revanth reddy asked whether ktr would apologize to those survey organizations if the exit polls announced today by many survey organizations were true.

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