On Tuesday, Sanjay Singh, an mp for the aam aadmi party (AAP), said that delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal, who is now incarcerated, delivered a message from there. "I am not a terrorist,” says Arvind Kejriwal.
"Efforts are being made 24 hours to demoralise arvind kejriwal," the AAP mp claimed. kejriwal was taken into custody by the Enforcement Directorate on march 21 in connection with the delhi Excise Policy case, and he is presently being held at the Tihar Jail.
"People are treating him like a terrorist. He is unable to appropriately meet with his loved ones. It is obviously political vengeance. "AAP leader arvind kejriwal will emerge victorious," he declared.

During a news conference in New delhi, Singh stated, "Arvind kejriwal, who worked like a son and a brother for the country and the people of delhi, has sent a message from jail that 'My name is arvind kejriwal and I am not a terrorist.'"
After serving six months in jail for the same liquor policy infraction, Singh had left Tihar Jain on april 4.
The "three-time elected chief minister of delhi was forced to meet [Punjab chief minister Bhagwant Mann] through a glass," according to his allegations.
"This clearly indicates that the prime minister harbours animosity towards arvind kejriwal," he declared.

"The more you attempt to break him, the more resilient he will become... cm Bhagwant Mann broke down in tears during the meeting yesterday. The AAP leader stated, "This is an emotional issue for all of us, but it is a shame for the bjp and PM Modi."
Bhagwant Mann, the chief minister of Punjab, claimed arvind kejriwal was being treated like a terrorist when he saw him on monday in Tihar jail.
Sandeep Pathak, an AAP rajya sabha mp, said that kejriwal will summon two ministers to jail every week to assess how well their departments are doing with their duties. Since his detention, the bjp has been calling for Kejriwal's resignation.

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