Will the Bond between ap & telangana become stronger..!?

* Will Babu and Revanth's association be a plus for telugu states?
* Will the bond of friendship between ap and telangana become stronger?
* ap and telangana are competing in terms of welfare.

The politics of telugu states has become interesting with the coming to power of congress and ap alliance in telangana state. Ten years after the separation of ap and telangana, there are still tens of unresolved issues. There is an association between Chandrababu and revanth Reddy. If both of them work together, both ap and telangana will benefit in an unexpected way. Amicable resolution of issues is likely to continue the relationship between the leaders of the telugu states in the future. It can be said that there are opportunities to benefit the people in an unexpected way by working together, even if the ideologies of the alliance and the congress are different. Comments are being heard that because of the association between Babu and revanth, the bonds of friendship between the two states will be strengthened again.
It is noteworthy that comments are being expressed that these two leaders should play a key role in leading the telugu states on the path of development. It is noteworthy that revanth reddy in telangana and chandrababu naidu in ap have shown their mark and are gaining a good name among the people. The people of both states want a meeting between Babu and Revanth. Chandrababu and revanth reddy working together will benefit both states. It can be said that the people of both states are likely to suffer due to the late resolution of minor issues. Both Babu and revanth succeeded in instilling trust in the people by implementing the promises given to the people one by one. If the promise of loan waiver was the reason why congress came to power in telangana, it can be said that Super Six promises played a vital role in the alliance coming to power in AP. telugu states are competing with each other in terms of welfare.

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