World Environment Day: Ways to Reduce Plastic Pollution..?

The United Nations has organised the annual World Environment Day to increase environmental awareness and encourage action. It is observed annually on june 5. This year's theme is "Beat Plastic Pollution." The subject aims to promote initiatives to minimise plastic waste and increase awareness of the damaging effects of plastic pollution on the environment.

It is crucial to address plastic pollution because it poses serious risks to ecosystems, wildlife, and human health. To combat plastic pollution and build a more sustainable world, every small effort matters. 


Choose reusable shopping bags, water bottles, coffee cups, and straws in place of single-use plastics. When shopping or dining out, bring your own reusable bags and containers.

Refuse to use plastic straws, or replace them with reusable or biodegradable ones. Use metal or bamboo straws if you need one because of a medical issue.

When shopping, look for items with little packaging or with eco-friendly packaging. Support companies who place a high priority on eco-friendly packaging.

To limit the use of disposable containers and packaging, bring your own containers whether ordering takeaway or shopping in large quantities.

Recycling plastic garbage and separating it from other types of waste can ensure proper waste disposal. Encourage recycling activities and programmes in your neighbourhood.

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