Airfares are up to 3 times higher..!?

Due to the summer vacation, domestic flights from chennai to other cities have increased by up to 3 times in fares. Due to school and college vacations, many people have gathered at the chennai airport to go to their hometowns with their families. The flight fare from chennai to Tuticorin has increased from Rs 3,675 to Rs 11,000 to Rs 14,000. Similarly, the fare between chennai and madurai has increased from Rs 3,419 to Rs 13,000. Also, the fare between chennai and Trichy has increased from Rs 2,769 to Rs 9,000. The fee has been raised from Rs 3,313 to Rs. 5500  till 11,000 Rs has increased. Airfares from chennai to mumbai have increased from Rs 6,000 to Rs 12,000, to delhi from Rs 4,973 to Rs 12,000, and to kolkata from Rs 5,309 to Rs 15,000. Even though the fare has increased up to 3 times, many people are traveling by air paying higher fares regardless. All these increases in fares are due to the re-opening of schools and colleges. All passengers are so shocked and also saddened seeing this news. But still, many people are using air transport as it is fast and time-saving.

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