The stakes are high on Nani's Dasara, one of his most expensive films to date, and even higher considering that this is the first time he is taking on a completely raw and tough part. rajamouli has released the movie's teaser, and this is what we have to say about it. The huge makeover nani has undergone is the first thing that draws attention. His first fully authentic and rural role is what he's playing here. He exudes a lot of mass in his appearance, mannerisms, and dialogue delivery.

The teaser's background music, by Santosh Narayanan, has a contemporary vibe and fits the film's rough, rural theme. The images are gloomy and unsettling. In the final image, nani is seen holding a knife to his mouth. In keeping with recent trends for pan-Indian films, new director Srikanth Odela seems to be approaching his subject in its rawest form. The hallmark seems to be the mining backdrop and rooted characterizations.

While regularly producing movies, sudhakar Cherukuri is still waiting for that one huge box office hit. He is placing all of his faith in Dasara, which is undoubtedly one of Nani's most expensive ventures, if not the most expensive. The teaser primarily emphasises Nani's character and its visual elements, as well as the length of the movie. The conflict or primary plot are not introduced to us. A lot will depend on the emotional appeal and what the story and screenplay have to offer.

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