The last several days have been particularly difficult for music director Thaman due to trolls. The music director declares himself a fan of each and every hero he was working with at the time in a collection of speeches he gave at various previous events. That video was a hit with trolls. Then, today, a new hashtag, #RemoveThamanFromSSMB28, emerged. 

Thaman reacted to it since he was unable to remain calm about it. "Rest In Peace Dear #Negativity," he wrote. While posting a photo of himself playing a guitar, he wrote, "To all the kids out there." He added the caption "To every Negativity, Here is my Creativity" as well. Most of them called Thaman as Stupid for reacting to these hashtags as these emerge every now and then and he should answer through his music and not just by replying such stuff.

During the music sessions for the mahesh babu and trivikram film, it was rumoured that one of Thaman's songs was flatly rejected. Fans of mahesh babu began to tease him and ask him if he wants to reprise the music from Sarkaru Vaari Paata. More than 50K tweets have already been posted using the hashtag #RemoveThamanFromSSMB28, and Thaman is mentioned in the majority of them. The music director responded in the same way, in contrast to many other celebrities who choose to ignore trolls in favour of using their work to silence them.

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