Fans of the genre have praised the crime thrillers Hit and Hit 2. The two films' respective lead actors were Vishwak Sen and Adivi Sesh, and the third installment's arjun Sarkar will be played by producer-actor Nani. The buzz was generated by a brief peek of nani as a head-weighted cop, but the film won't be released any time soon.

The production of HIT 3 will take some time, according to nani, who stated as much in the most recent interview. Sailesh Kolanu and nani aren't rushing to get there. Sailesh is currently busy directing Saindhav, Venkatesh's 75th movie. According to reports, the action-thriller film has only recently begun production. nawazuddin siddiqui will play a significant part. All South Asian languages, as well as Hindi, are planned for release of Saindhav.

On the other hand, nani is actively promoting Dasara, which will hit theatres on march 30. With filmmaker Shouryuv, nani will begin filming for Nani30, with Mrunal Thakur portraying the female part. It's rumoured to be a touching film on father-daughter relationships. Sailesh and Nani's individual projects must be completed before the Hit fans may enjoy them. Stay tuned for more updates.

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