There are widespread rumours both inside and outside of the film industry that senior actor srikanth is divorcing his wife, Ooha. These kinds of rumours concerning his private life have been circulated before. In a recent interview with the media on his birthday, srikanth was once again asked if he was divorcing his wife. srikanth denied the claims, claiming they were untrue. He claimed that his wife and he have a very happy marriage. He urged people not to base their decisions on what certain online trolls post.

Srikanth stated that he is tired of people spreading untrue information about him and his personal life. He claimed to have lately discovered a message in which he was pronounced deceased. While he might not be impacted by such false information, he might be impacted by the individuals close to him. He finds it upsetting that people don't examine their facts before spreading such false information. He was recently shaken by the false reports of Kota Srinivasa Rao's demise.

Srikanth added that despite the fact that his wife dislikes going to movie-related events, he nevertheless drags her there so that everyone will know the rumours of his divorce are untrue. The upcoming filmography of srikanth seems promising and includes the titles RC15 and NTR30.

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