The Keanu Reeves-led hollywood picture john Wick 4 is wrecking havoc at the indian box office. In just two days, the movie has outperformed every john Wick prequel in terms of box office receipts. The reviewers have praised the movie as being the most gory in the past ten years, and audiences agree. It currently has a 95% rating on rotting tomatoes.

The series depicts assassins' lives, particularly that of john Wick, and allows you to feel even the tiniest heartbeats of these ruthless killers. Surprisingly, the movie makes you fall in love with the game of death, which is played with weapons like knives, axes, nunchaku, cards, and pencils. All of the criminals that the audience witnesses in john Wick 4 are real criminals and real mafias, according to the sources, and they were all hired for very large sums of money to add realism to the film.

The pulsing, ominous background music of the movie transports the audience to the characters' emotional journey. Despite being over the top, the action sequences are completely credible, which demonstrates the work that was put into them. Bravo to john Wick 4's complete cast and crew for their dedication to their work.

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