In honour of controversial Hindu leader Veer Savarkar, ram charan recently revealed that he is producing the movie The india House, starring Nikhil Sidhartha. abhishek Agrawal, who also directed the purportedly propaganda film The kashmir Files, will produce the movie. The movie will tell the narrative of that period in time when Savarkar studied law in britain and resided at The india House. 

Students like Veer Savarkar, madan Lal Dhingra, and Lala Har Dayal, among others, met frequently at the hostel. According to some historians, the india House immediately served as the movement's london headquarters for the indian revolution. While some right-wingers think Savarkar was better than leaders like mahatma gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, liberals and left-wing ideologues think Savarkar was a coward who begged the british rulers for mercy when he was imprisoned. 

People who want to view things from a balanced perspective might not be happy with ram charan making a movie that will help further the agenda of a small group of individuals who want to propagate their propaganda and alter the course of history. On social media, there is speculation that ram charan will lose some of his audience since he is pandering to a particular group of individuals with a predetermined agenda.

However, some claim that because of the Hindutva trend that is sweeping the nation and is responsible for films like The kerala Story and The kashmir Files becoming blockbusters, Charan will win over more admirers with these kinds of flicks.


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