Mem Famous, Men Too, and Malli Pelli were the three new telugu cinema films that were seen last weekend at the US box office. Mem Famous raised $16,000 on its first Sunday, bringing its total of $84,000. Although it does better than the other new releases, the number is still not very high. Men Too, starring the budding actor naresh Agastya, brought in $1.4K on its opening Sunday, bringing the total to $10K.

Malli Pelli did not perform well at the US box office, adding only $68 on its first Sunday, bringing the total to a pitiful $1.2K. These new releases had the chance to capitalise on the holiday on Monday, which was Memorial Day in the USA, and produce strong statistics. But it didn't go like that. Mem Famous received better reviews than the other two new films, but it struggled to get traction and had a slow opening weekend. Natesh and Pavitra were the sole subjects of Malli Pelli's public attention strategy, but it didn't work.

The budget for Malli Pelli is said to be approximately 25 crores because it features a big setup and respectable movie-quality visuals. The team invested a significant sum of money in the film's promotion, and despite the highly contentious themes that were featured in the teaser and trailer, naresh will likely lose a lot of money on the project because it failed to draw audiences to the theatres.

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