Hardcore admirers would want to follow any trend that celebrities start, no matter what they do or wear. The shirt worn by their beloved actor in "Guntur Kaaram" has become the current fashion statement for mahesh babu fans, who are obsessing over it.

In reality, mahesh babu could be seen sporting a checkered red and black casual shirt with a lot of swag in the first-look posters for the movie, which were published the other day on the eve of Krishna's birthday. The shirt is from the Jack & Jones line, and it has become extremely popular as a result of the massive volume of orders from his followers. Several admirers posted pictures of the $3000 jersey they own on social media and gave links to the internet stores where it is being sold.

Unknown if Mahesh has done in-film promotion for that brand shirt or if that is just a casual selection, the shirt is now in high demand among fans. Perhaps for the pre-release event, but hundreds of admirers showed up at the same event wearing the same shirt, and that's how the actor popularised the plain article of apparel. I believe that's what they mean by "celebrity power."

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