After playing a young artist in the 2009 pandiraj film Pasanga, tamil actor kishore DS saw his career soar. The 28-year-old won numerous awards for his outstanding work in tamil children's movies, and he later went on to star in a number of other films, such as Goli Soda, Sagaa, and house Owner.

Kishore's life has now reached a brand-new stage on the personal front. On march 23, Preethi Kumar, a tamil television actress, and the Pasanga famed actor sealed the knot. social media is presently flooded with images of the newlyweds and congrats messages. Preethi, a well-known figure in the entertainment sector, is four years Kishore's senior. Trolls started to pay attention to the couple soon after their wedding. A select group of social media users criticized the couple harshly for their 4-year age difference.

Now, kishore has finally spoken up about the age gap in an interview with the YouTube channel Little Talks. Speaking about his union with Preethi, kishore said that both of their families gave their full blessing and "consent" to the union. kishore clapped back at the online trolls, emphasizing that age is simply a number: "Our families have consent over it." (the marriage). To everyone who brings up age, I just have one thing to say. You most certainly wouldn't speak like this if you had a girl as I do.

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