Game Changer presents a huge jackpot chance for producer dil Raju, who is making his biggest movie to date. He has maverick director Shankar, who is renowned for producing blockbuster-sized films, on the one side. ram Charan, who just finished the hit RRR, will work with Shankar. Naturally, there is a lot of excitement surrounding this endeavor, and the producer will stop at nothing to produce the biggest hit of his career. However, there have been rumours that the filmmaker and producer have had some issues.

Shankar wasn't chosen by dil raju to work with Charan on a VFX-heavy movie like Robo, 2.0, or I. Similar to Shankar's earlier features, it was entirely content-based. After finishing two schedules, dil raju realised that the movie's budget was going over the original projection because shankar refused to sacrifice quality. Despite this, the producer remained silent, and abruptly, as Indian2 resumed filming, dil Raju's workload increased as the budget grew and the release date was postponed.

The Game Changer was supposed to be made public before the year's conclusion or Sankranthi the following year. But Shankar's timetable will only permit a release in the summer of 2019. The summer of 2019 is already jam-packed with blockbusters like NTR30 and pushpa 2, as well as potential pawan kalyan and chiranjeevi releases. The only choice after the summer is to wait for the release in august or September, which has angered dil Raju.

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