Working with Vijay Deverakonda, samantha is now producing the telugu movie "Kushi," which will be released in September. Her web series "Citadel" is also being filmed with bollywood superstar varun Dhawan. samantha has now appeared in two web series, the first being "The Family Man 2." samantha had already built a significant presence on a pan-India scale with "The Family Man 2," despite the fact that her subsequent pan-Indian films failed to have an impact at the box office.

She now wants to become well-known all across the world. samantha has already agreed to be in the international movie "Chennai Story," which is being helmed by BAFTA-winning director Philip John. Fascinatingly, she is also negotiating to star in a global online series. In terms of her career path, samantha seems to be emulating priyanka chopra by striving for international success.

Later, samantha decided against pursuing flashy roles. Movies like "Yashoda" and "Shaakuntalam" focused on the character of the heroine and lacked any explicit love scenes or skimpy attire. However, samantha reportedly consented to film intimate scenes for her upcoming web series, according to tamil news source Dinamalar. varun Dhawan and she will co-star in the indian adaptation of "Citadel."

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