Abhiram, the younger son of suresh Babu and a Daggubati scion, experienced a great deal of tyranny as a result of numerous accusations and remarks made a few years ago for reasons that are known to all. Since then, the star child has been attempting to make his debut as a hero, but nothing has happened. He finally acquired Teja's Ahimsa, and the movie is currently in theatres.

It appears that abhiram took the difficult route to establish his ability to become a star despite the fact that it is not that simple to overcome all the hostility around him. According to the director Teja, the young actor put in a lot of effort for the movie, working out in the hot weather. teja claimed to have forced abhiram to ride up and down the hill at ramanaidu Studios every day, but the footage wasn't later used in the film.

In addition, abhiram wounded himself while being forced to run while holding firearms in one hand and heroin in the other, forcing the entire team to take a four-month hiatus. Later on, though, abhiram exercised sprinting while carrying a 50 kg load for weeks. He sent teja a film of this training each day and eventually finished the shoot with the real actress.

Abhiram is claimed to have taken the job seriously because he wanted to make a statement, in contrast to Teja, who claims that the boy was subjected to extensive torture despite coming from a wealthy family who could support him. He is concerned with becoming regarded as a top figure. Let's wait until the movie comes out, then.

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