Sunny Leone Dons a Hot Neon Green Bikini..!!!


Bollywood star sunny leone has gone for a brief vacation in the maldives after a busy week in Cannes. The actress went snorkelling in the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean, getting away from the hectic pace and confusion of daily life. She shared the video with the caption, "Snorkelling. I enjoy doing my fave things in the water. Turn off everything and savour God's works of art.

Sunny might be seen in the video sporting a neon green and black bikini. When she dived, she appeared attractive. The video was adored by viewers. She is not less than a mermaid itself, one of them remarked in the comments area. Others sent the fire emojis and dropped hearts.

Speaking of Cannes, sunny leone made her film festival debut there this year. On the red carpet, she was joined by her husband Daniel Weber. Earlier, the actress wrote a thank-you statement to him on her instagram account for standing by her side for 15 years. In addition, the actress posted a video of them kissing on the red carpet before the Kennedy movie premiere.

Daniel responded to her post by saying, "You earned all you have accomplished!!!!! Without me or not at all!!!! I adore you a lot. The beginning is here. together with a few hands-up and heart emoticons.

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