One of the most sought-after composers in telugu film is Thaman. These days, he is the first pick for practically all telugu biggies. There is a problem, though. Despite working on several telugu projects at once, Thaman does not have a reliable and sustainable music studio in Hyderabad. Thaman chose to live and work at the Park Hyatt hotel in Banjara Hills. He works out of this. He has a suite room that is completely furnished. There are a few other rooms, usually reserved in his name.

Thaman recently sent a producer a bill for Rs 40 lakh simply for the hotel, shocking him. The same thing definitely startled the producer. Since Thaman is working on numerous projects at once, how will the producers split the cost? Such a thing does not exist. So Thaman has the last say on this. He is free to send any producer a bill at any time. There is no alternative to clearing. Recently, complaints have also been made over Thaman's delivery schedule. He has only contributed one song to a future dasara CD. Now, about the hotel bill.

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