Nayanthara praises atlee despite rumours...'So Proud Of...'?

Nayanthara reportedly responded to rumours that she was angry with Atlee. The actress, who avoids the media, posted a picture of herself and the Jawan director on her instagram Stories. To wish the director a happy birthday, Nayanthara dug up a collection of previously unseen behind-the-scenes images of her and atlee from the Jawan set. Nayanthara and atlee could be seen laughing and exchanging notes in the pictures. Nayanthara shared the photo collage and expressed her pride in Atlee. "Congratulations, Atlee. She wrote, "So proud of you. The post was sufficient to put an end to the rumours regarding their tense relationship.

It was claimed earlier in the day that Nayanthara is'very upset' with atlee because her part in Jawan allegedly got cut. According to a source who spoke to HT, "She has been very angry with atlee because her role in the movie was reduced. Additionally, Nayantara's role was significantly diminished while Deepika's (Padukone) was elevated.

Although she only appeared shortly in Jawan, deepika Padukone, who has previously collaborated with SRK on numerous films, was well-received by the audience for her performance. It was definitely not a cameo. Jawan came close to being made to resemble an SRK-Deepika movie. According to the source, Nayanthara is the top actor in the south, so she was upset about how Jawan was treated. They continued, "This won't ever well be an explanation why we are unlikely to see her in a bollywood project, preferably not anytime soon."

To these claims, atlee has not yet responded. There is a long history between Nayanthara and Atlee. atlee and the actress collaborated on raja Rani, his directorial debut. For Bigil, she was reunited with him. Nayanthara was contacted once more by atlee for his significant bollywood debut, Jawan. In the movie, she was paired with Shah Rukh Khan.

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